Frank Shamrock Better Sign

Mmaweekly says he's very close to signing a 3-fight
deal with Pride. I don't know why, but this time I
believe it might actually happen.

Keep your fingers crossed.........

i wonder how much the offer is

The 'original' dantheman agrees with dantheman2n :)

And he is rumored to be signing a 3 fight deal. Allready in talks about the matchups, pride has set up

Frank Shamrock vs Akira Shoji

Frank Shamrock vs Alexander Otsuka

Frank Shamrock vs Yamomoto

Weak, he will crush all of them. Lets hope it opens the door to fight Silva and others.

Three fight deal? This would surprise me...

jotun has this sussed out.

Frank is an animal I can't wait to see him return to the big show!

too bad his fight with Ricardo Almeida was cancelled!! That would have been awesome!


Thanks for the agreement. It's good to see another
Canadian with good taste in names.

If he does go to Pride he better face some real

Frank Shamrock always says he's close to signing with Pride. I'll see it when I believe it but in the meantime I'll call bullshit.

he still owes ralph gracie a fight.

I just don't get Frank.

"he still owes ralph gracie a fight."

Thats cesar Gracie

Our interview with him on Sunday tells all the facts of where he is signing. It looks like Sakuraba is the strongest choice. Listen in to the interview on our archive. He pretty much was open for whoever they pick following Bushido 2. He also addresses Ceaser Gracie as well. Support The Sport!!! The Fight Factor Team

what about dan henderson? or murilo? sak? or silva?

sad thing, Frank in his prime made for great matches with Sak (in his prime), Henderson or Silva. Sak is no more (ie not at his prime), and a rusty Frank would get trashed by either Henderson or Silva right now

Never count Frank out. "One of the legends he is", says Yoda.

I hope he gets a couple of warm up fights and then Sakuraba.

Sad to say, but I am afraid frank is done.

That could be.

A lot of correct here too. I don't get Frank, we've heard a lot from him in the past few years and he's still very well known in the MMA world. But he only has one fight since beating Tito and it was against a no-namer in WEC.