Frank Shamrock doc gets "very strong" ratings

Loretta Hunt:

"@lorettahuntmma: Frank Shamrock docu got 419K viewers in its initial airing, "very strong" for docs said Spike. Which MMA figure should they do next?" Phone Post 3.0




Or maybe PAT MILETICH with his fight camp stories in addition to pioneer in MMA

Fedor. Phone Post

A randy couture one would do great ratings. Sucks that most of his fights were in the ufc and they couldnt show highlights. Phone Post

Obviously Randy since they have him signed to Viacom/Spike.

tito ortiz. find out how life is with a porn star. jenna might be a bigger draw.

This Frank one was different cause it wasnt just telling his story it was also leading up to the big sit down with Ken.

Shows with Randy or Tito or Fedor dont have that, it would just be telling the fighters story.  Plus it does suck not being able to show the footage of the fights, also its too short.

These shows should be 2 hours.    The show was good but if he was longer and could show more of his fight footage it would have been even better.

They should do one for Randy. Phone Post

I liked it and thought the prison rape scene shown on the UK version was tastefully done. Phone Post

While watching it i thought it was pretty good at humanizing a guy i always felt was kinda douchey. Then, at the end, when ken started talking about how they should fight to squash their beef i kinda felt like it was a big commercial for a fight. After bellator blows their wad on their pay-per-view whats next... Hopefully not. Either way still pretty good. Phone Post

Joe Warren:)

Cindy Phone Post 3.0

BoxingIsDead - Tank Abbott.
Ooh! Or Tank!!!

Cindy Phone Post 3.0

Sak, definitely sak Phone Post 3.0

fightsfan - MARK COLEMAN




Although a Smashing Machine follow up would be cool. Phone Post

Jens Phone Post 3.0

Brabo Ben - Sak, definitely sak Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

fightsfan - Or maybe PAT MILETICH with his fight camp stories in addition to pioneer in MMA

This Phone Post

Bas, we can actually see footage from his fights.

Pulver. Horn. Big daddy Goodridge Phone Post