Frank Shamrock is "the Greatest of all Time"

That is still probably my favorite MMA (NHB) fight. Both of those guys were awesome. That was the most exciting era of MMA for me. The fighters were high level technicians, and they were starting to catch on to how to train specifically for MMA, but they were still all "specialists." Say whatever you want about Frank. When he fought it was incredibly exciting every time (in the UFC.)

Truly the beginning of the end for Tito's skull.

AMAZING fight and moment in MMA history....Frank not in gbe HOF is a travesty and makes the HOF a complete joke.....Yeah, Bonner performed soooooo much better LOL

Agreed on he HOF comment. One of the main reasons I started to rewatch all the UFCs is in order to try and debunk some of the myths that I hear in the MMA community. One such thing I wanted to explore was Frank being the "prototype" It is very interesting to see how he employed so many different skills within the cage. He truly is the prototype as he said. He was in f'ing incredible shape and always came to fight.

I truly respect how he went out on top, and moved on when he said he was "bored" with the UFC. Might have sounded a bit cocky, but as usual, Frank doesn't usually bit his tongue. Part of the reason he is at such odds with DW. He belongs in the HOF if for nothing else than that he laid the foundation through his skillset of what the modern mixed martial artist is today.

During the entrance into the Octogon, he was wearing a Stanford Wrestling T-shirt, which I thought was awesome...Much better than the cheesy shirts of today. Also, he was led out by his wife, which I thought was awesome. You just don't see guys headed toward the cage with their wives in tow these days.

Renzo got so pissed at Tito tapping to strikes he was interviewed and talked for a few minutes. Was so good I made a poster of it for the gym, but it is lost in time now :-(

This is one of my favorite all time fights. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time watching it.

ChaosOverkill - 

No HOF for you!

-DFW Jr.


Great post-fight scene yeah


UFC HoF is a fucking joke anyway. You have Bonnar, a dude who was busted for roids multiple times and never even fought for a title. And the fact that legitimate fighters are not in it makes it an even bigger joke.


Kirik - 

Renzo got so pissed at Tito tapping to strikes he was interviewed and talked for a few minutes. Was so good I made a poster of it for the gym, but it is lost in time now :-(

Renzo Gracie was Tito's trainer?

As a philanthropist, Frank Shamrock donates his time and energy to various social development and nonprofit organizations. Frank believes that giving to others helps you become a complete and better person and his company, Frank Shamrock Inc. holds events each year for the American Cancer Society, Autism, and each October for Breast Cancer awareness month. He continues to speak to youth centers and juvenile halls spreading his message of hope and dreams to our communities.

Frank's life was changed in 2005 when his step-dad Joe succumbed to lung cancer after a grueling two year battle and his interest in finding a cure was ignited. You can find him yearly walking, running, punching or speaking to help raise money and understanding for this silent killer.

Frank is also a frequent visitor to the USO and armed forces training centers around the world - encouraging and training our military and law enforcement with modern combative techniques and moral building workshops. From eating Thanksgiving with the troops in Tokyo, to sleeping in the barracks at Camp Lejuene with our Marines, this hands-on guy has always given his best to our protectors even wrestling and sparring with the troops.

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