Frank Shamrock talks about loss

Frank Shamrock talks about his loss to Cung Le


Like him more and more......could have gone without the creed though

Great fight imo. Hope his arm heals up right and he comes back strong.

good guy

I can't help but think if this fight went one more round Frank may have pulled it out, maybe not though, he might have ate a huge kick to the chompers.


I was a quick to rail on Frank a couple years ago. Nobody can say he isn't fighting now. I wish he would have commented more on the fight itself. Tough fight.TTT

Frank came off real good and humble. Props to him and Cung making that $. Oh and why Frank why Creed?

 I like frank

I hate creed




Frank being worked on ^

I was front row!!!


LOST..................  & guess who made a grand entrance??

who wants a slice?

I think people would like him more if he was more down to earth like in the video not like the BS front he usually puts on.

Yep - classy comments from Frank.

I hope they make a rematch !!

Kimbos shirt is crazy

Scott Stapp or whatever his name is wrote that song when he heard the news his wife was preggers. Frank was prolly tying that into his wife being preggers in the vid.OK, now you all can flame me for knowing that gay ass info...ready,,,,GO!

RAV.. that's deep

parklife - RAV.. that's deep

that's what she said

Isn't that the same bone Gonzaga broke in Handy's arm?

i thought i really disliked the guy but that video may have changed my opinion... Why does he have to put "the legend" in the credits though (nevermind the creed song)?