Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock and Dreamstage Entertainment, the promoters of Pride Fighting Championships; have come to tentative terms on an unsigned agreement for Mr. Shamrock to fight exclusively for the Pride Fighting Championships.

About f@#%*%g time!

Hey Tex, its Jason from class. Where have you been? Probably knee deep in shit up in Jane and Finch I bet j/k. Seriously though, thats cool that Shamrock will fight in pride. Can you say Shamrock vs.Sakuraba??


Good to hear from ya! I have been busy with work and spending time back in London. I have been training in London and at KATA whenever time permits. I am working the evening shift, so I will not be seeing you guys until next week. Say hi to all the guys for me.


Excellent news...awesome.

About time. I hope Frank takes the time to make his return to MMA in Pride something explosive!

Damn this is the best news I have heard in a long time! Hope it actually happens!

Thanks for the update!

That would be sweet!

I would have liked to have seen it then too and I would like to have seen Tito/Chuck sooner as well when it was worth more but hey, I take what I can get!


I would love to see shamrock vs dan henderson
anyone else agree...IMO i think henderson would win and it would be a exciting fight witch would get him the exposure he needs

i share your opinion 100% dave isaacs...

Hopefully Shamrock still has it. Its been 4 years (2000) since he beat Sinosic by decision (a man that Ortiz manhandled!) and I don't count the K-1 match with Shannon Ritch or his fight with John Pardoe or whatever his name was as much of a challenge! Time off wasn't kind to both Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock. Eventually the sport progesses and passes you by while your retired.

How active has Shamrock been in retirement?

I'm sure he's still taking care of himself and staying in shape but staying in shape is a different story then being able to keep up with today's fighters without fighting.

Mark Kerr comeback shape or...?

LOL at Mark Kerr comeback shape

I feel bad for Mark Kerr...

How can you not like the guy...