Frank Shamrock

Great Stories !

The more MMA'ers that do this, then the more respect people will have for them.



everyone keeps asking me about my nickname "Fearless Goat" so here is the story....

In March I was down at Curran's training, and he asked me if I was ever interested in fighting MMA. I told him yes, but didnt know when the right time was. He told me he felt I was ready and that he would like me to fight in his XFO 2 show. I told him it wouldnt be a problem. So I worked out with him and Bart for 3 days, and went back home to tell my friends and family. My parents werent very thrilled, but my friends were. My friends were like "Dude we need to get you a nickname that really brings out who you are." So from March till 2 weeks before the fight(June) all my friends were trying to think of a name, and most of them were really gay. At the time I had a goatee that was really long probably a good 3 inches off my chin. My best friend Tyler said , "I got it. How about The Goat?" At first I thought it was kind of dumb. Then Tyler said, "I dont know of you being afraid of anything or never stepping up for a challenge so how about Fearless Goat." Since then it just stuck and all my friends and family call me Goat or Fearless. May sound dumb to all of you, but means a lot to me especially since my best friend ended up getting killed in a car accident in July. I dedicated my nickname and career to him.

Fearless Goat

agreed El Guapo

no problem


Frank is a class act! And what about my greasy hair, acne, and fat physique?!

Like you guys are adonis's or something!

nhb striker. you are totally correct in that assessment, as to rolling with the guy he did. i've seen him do the same many times, and i've been here under two years. but without asking, i know why he does certain things. classy guy, understands other people's point of view, and certainly that factors into many of his decisions. he probably knew that rolling with that kid would have a greater effect, than with anyone else. made his day, kept his interest, and many of the affluent members will be back, almost guarunteed. frank will certainly take a day, within their first week and do the same.

best of luck with the show Robert. Sorry I couldn't afford to make it on my own. Maybe next time Frank will cover my ticket to come be his "dummy", and I'll still put on a wrestling clinic for ya.

I was training in Shamrock's submission class before I got injured and moved down to SD for college, and he is def a class act.

The first class I went to, he was rolling with these skinny skateboard kids that knew nothing about training and I was suprised because I had this perception that elite fighters like him wouldn't have time to roll with people who weren't even a challenge.

But I started to realize how much he changed people's lives just by something small and seemingly insignificant like that, and that power to change someone's life is just amazing...

The first time I rolled with him, I farted right when I tried for a take down and got flipped over or something. I was thinking that I fucked up big time and would never get to roll with the champion again, but he just goes, it happens, and keeps going.

He def isn't cocky at all. Confident, sure, but not arrogrant.

Nothing in this world wrong with being confident.

Especially, if you're Frank Shamrock!


your the guy who farted on frank? that has always been my favorite AKA story. just kidding.


Sounds like Frank has matured a lot.

The first time I hung out with him was long before his UFC debut and he was cool as hell.

Then after the UFC he became a bit of an ass IMO.

After a while I spoke with him again on the phone and he seemed cool again.

Now he sounds like a saint. lol

Good to hear!

He is actually a very mellow guy. Very cool and laid back. What I thought was hilarious was he was in Green Bay,Wisconsin as a special guest for a new bar. He brought one of his 5 UFC Championship belts with him and it displayed at the table where he had pictures and shirts to sell and autograph. A guy offered him $50,000 for the UFC belt he had on him. Shamrock smiled and graciously said no thank you, and that he worked hard for the belt. After the guy left he laughed and said, "I wonder what he would have offered for all 5 of them???" And laughed. Great guy.

Donated pictures to be signed and was very respectful.

Fearless Goat



just heard frank say ken broke his ribs, nose, and tore both knees - then he did 500 squats 250 pushups...... lions den tryout