Frank Trigg's wrestling credentials

I know that Koscheck is a great wrestler, but what is Frank Trigg's wrestling credentials? Is he just going to get dominated wrestling wise by Koscheck?

He wrestled 2 years in High School...That's all. J/K.

I remember the Hughes/Trigg trash talking before the 1st fight and I think Trigg said he had better credentials than Hughes.

From what I have read KOS has better wrestling.

I think Trigg wrestled at Oklahoma?

I think Trigg wrestled at Oklahoma?

Yeah, he went 53-1 after transferring to JUCO and was a finalist in the 2000 Olympic trials.

Koscheck is an NCAA Div. I champion and couldn't he have went to the Olympics but opted out for his MMA career?

YOU KNOW trigg can wrestle

He had an amazing NCAA career but I don't think he ever competed in the Olympic trials.

We will have Trigg on our radio show this Wed at 730pm pst. We will ask him all that and what he thinks of being a major underdog in his fight wtih Koscheck. Working on getting Koshcheck, I will keep you posted. Favi (tapout locos)

Kos def has youth on his side.

Trigg was one of the best WWs of his day though. One of the best pure GNPers around. See how he smashed Hallman from within in the guard and stopped Charuto and that was only in the UFC.

 "He stayed on as a coach at Oklahoma from 1997 until 2000. Trigg was a 2000 Olympic trials wrestling finalist. He also is a second degree black belt in judo."

Has Trigg fought at Welter recently?

they can both wrestle. now let's watch the fight, shall we?

they can both wrestle. now let's watch the fight, shall we?

Is Trigg more legit that the Antidote though??? Or Jon Jones?!?!?!

I think Trigg was injured for a large part of his college wrestling career? (which is why Hughes said he was never an All-American, etc)

I don't need to look at Trigg's credentials, every time he fights a wrestling based fighter in MMA he gets put on his back and choked out.

 Trigg took down Hughes when that was seemingly impossible...

Trigg will win easy.  Koschek would rather stand and wang than fight with a strategy.<!--Session data-->


 What a lot of guys dont realize is that Trigg at one point was a top fighter and was just killing people with GnP.

He was so dominant that he didnt constantly improve, By the time the sport advanced he was stuck without having developed high level striking or subs. He always was a top athlete and hard hitter though.

He was the favorite against Hughes the first time in a lot of expert's opinions.

Calhoon - He went to the Olympic trials. He got second runner up.

 2nd runner 3rd?