Frank vs Randy for Franks title!

That belt is Frank's ,Randy earned it big time, but he still never beat the man Who is one of the best at avoiding the ground and pound.

Frank is a 185 pounder.

Randy is a 205 pounder.

Not going to happen.

While Frank never lost the belt in a fight it is HIS respobsibility to step up and face Couture if he wants to be considered the true champ. If Frank subbed Couture he could retire and people would sing his praises for the rest of his life. People now still talk about him after the Tito win.

yup if I could train with anyone it would be frank

The reality is that IF Frank were to ever come back and fight, it would be at 185 and not 205.

Personally I'd love to see Hughes move up to 185 and take on Frank.

Frank KO'ed Enson, and Enson tapped Couture............

Nuff said.

I think Frank would beat Couture today.

If they both get paid over $300 000, then the fight would belong to Shamrock.

oh Please Frank Shamrock is done ....Tito dominated Frank the whole fight...if it was no choke Tito would of won a decision easily.....Randy would kill Frank Shamrock didnt take Tito down once in their fight Randy is the master at the shot .....

msepejr: "Tito dominated Frank the whole fight"

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Wait, I guess you didn't catch his "Nuff said" part. I fucking hate that weak ass faggotry posting style, trying to legitimize one's opinion without credible info..."NUFF SAID" damn I feel cool already.


In related news, Pulver, Rutten and Busta all want their belts back.

"That belt is Frank's ,Randy earned it big time, but he still never beat the man"

by this logic, riddick bowe is still the heavyweight champion; or is it george foreman?

K fuckin KM shut the fuck up dumbass

Frank won't fight Hendo, so the chances of him fighting Randy are slim none existant.

Frank submitted Henderson on the old Contenders card. Did he really avoid a MMA match with Henderson? That sounds made up.

Frank had to bulk up to weigh 190-195 for his fights, Randy walks around at 220-225 and cuts to 205, so why the hell should Frank fight him? Couture himself decided to stop fighting bigger guys too. Shamrock's title was called MIDDLEWEIGHT when he held it anyway, and the new middleweight would be the place for him if he decided to come back to the UFC. Of course, the problem with that is that Frank won't fight anyone good unless he gets paid a king's ransom.