Frankie been training with Brock for the fight...

Brock was showing him how to defend himself after getting rocked.



Lol @ Carwin GIF

well i was referring more to the snipping and rolling around...

but yeah that too.

 Get the fuck out of here...The kid was rocked to shit and still got some punches in...Also unlike Brock he survived! 

Bet you wish you had waited before making this thread now.

This fight is pointless. Once a fighter goes to the face down on all fours defense, just so they can't get punched in the head... the fight should be called.

In reality, like 10 rabbit punches/knees to the little guy's head and Frankie spends the next 2 weeks in the ER. When the rules are the only thing protecting a fighter from the fight being over, the ref should intervene.

LOL!! True.....except he survived..

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