Frankie Edgar moves down to 145 To Challenge Jose

 Wow talk about moving from the frying pan into the fire. UFC 153 

 Now it's time to break it down. Fight-Jose Aldo-UFC-153

RIP - no way he gets passed the deco d round. I would be surprised if he even made it past the first. Phone Post


 lol at Radio

I like Frankie but he wont touch Aldo, Aldo is going to counter him with big shots...

Radio Raheem -  

Amazing gif.

Not sure it applies here but it made me laugh.

is this 100% legit?

I think Frankie deserves a shot at Jose just as much, well actually a little more than Chael did with the Jones situation.

But regardless Frankie doesn't matchup well with Aldo, he's gonna get destttrrroooyyyyedddddd... can't wait(: