Frankie Edgar vs Jim Miller video?

I keep hearing this fight was a war and have yet to see it. Anyone know where I can see it. Were any of you there how did it go down. It was in 2006 at Reality Fighting 14


 great fight.....

 I will try to get it for you.. I will ask Jimmy if he has it next time I see him.. 

Fighting is dangerous, and can lead to serious health problems.


it was competitive from the beginning to the end, with frankie's takedowns and scrambles definitely making the difference. but miller is solid off his back and he kept threatening with subs throughout (including a guillotine at the final belt). and of course, there was the infamous high kick by miller that nailed frankie in the ear and caused frankie's cauliflower ear to squirt out onto the canvas.

ttt 4 video

i wanna watch some Jersey boyz with tribal tattoos fight, already!!!!!!!

 I cornered Jim for that one and it was the most intense fight I had seen in person next to probably Couture/Rizzo 1 at the time.

Frankie blended striking, TDs and GnP seamlessly and Jim was threatening subs the entire time, pushing as hard as Ive ever seen someone push themselves.

Neither guy was taking no for an answer.

Post the damn vid, for chris'sakes!

no video yet dammmmmnnnnnnnn

Yeah, that was a great TILT! Props to both guys, I haven't seen either of those guys have a boring fight to day.


one last try anyone?

it was at kipp kollar's show. he's gotta have the footage somewhere.

Still no vid yet huh?

I would also like to see this video. Phone Post

TTT Phone Post

My God find this video Phone Post

In for the video Phone Post