Frankie is a continued inspiration, chances @ BW

Didn’t see the fight and not that familiar with Munoz and also see that it was a debatable decision with most writers on MMAdecisions scoring it for Munoz but…….at age 38 and FINALLY at his natural weight class, the guy continues to inspire!

He is not the most physically gifted and isn’t super talented at one particular thing but is so tough, smart and savvy and mixes the game up well as well as having endless cardio and heart, never talks shit, always brings it…I don’t see how anyone can not like the guy.

That said, I am wondering 2 things:

  1. What are his chances at the title at BW

  2. Why he didn’t moved down earlier

  3. Title chances

How does he do against the BW elite right now and against Yan? I listened to Luke Thomas think that he is likely not going to win the title but that Munoz was a good matchup for him. How does he do vs Yan’s style or Sterling or Moraes or Sandhagen?

I think a fight vs Cruz would be good, not interested in a 3rd fight with Aldo in addition.

  1. Why he didn’t move down earlier?

I think the time to move down to BW was always after his second loss to Aldo 4 years ago (July 2016). Since then he went 3-3 with good wins against Stephens, Yair and Swanson and a respectable and competitive FW title fight loss to Max but 2 KO/TKOs to Ortega and TKZ. I think both TKO losses were on short notice and for the TKZ, he even went to South Korea for it. Luke Thomas mentioned, he was already even going down to BW but took the TKZ fight on short notice? Why? Was he going for a rematch against Max?

How much better would his chances had been had he moved down 4 years and less 2 TKOs?

Honestly, I wish he woulda made the drop years ago. He woulda had much more chance of a run.

Even in the Munhoz fight, I actually thought Frankie lost. He looked good considering he is 38, but I can only help wonder how things woulda been had he dropped down years ago.


Amazing what hes been able to complish. He has some serious will power and determination to just make the 135 weight at this stage of his career. Blown away by this guy.

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Very hard to be hater on Frankie. I'm pumped for him and hope he snags the strap at BW

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Very hard to be a hater on Frankie. I'm pumped for him and hope he snags the strap at BW

Hard not to like him and cheer him on but i don’t think he will win a title but moving down will extend his career. Would be an amazing story if he can win a title but. Think the top few guys will be too much for him. If he wins his next fight he may get a title shot based on his name (plus two top 5-10 wins) and if the title fight anything can happen so guess we will see


Edgar vs Aldo 3 please

No chance I see him winning a title against Yan or Sterling unless he gets poked in the eye or something and wins by DQ ... I can def see him fighting Cruz next and earning a title shot with a decision-victory, though ....