Franklin & Couture in Iraq

Sorry if this has already been discussed...

Rich talks about the trip - and there are some photos

Those pods look like they suck ass.

I feel for the poor dudes that have to live like that.

Seems like just another sacrifice these dudes (soldiers) make for civilians.

Classy trip.

in the last Tapout mag i bought, Randy has an article where he talks about visiting with the military. he also said Ken Shamrock among others give their time.
good stuff.


It is one thing to think "yeah, if I were famous I would do some good stuff, too..." but to actually think about working in a trip like that... into what has to be a terrible schedule... that's pretty awesome of these guys. You know the soldiers have to appreciate it.

thanks for sharing. Good pics.

Maybe I'd go over there...

wow, they are potentially contaminated with DU now. as is much of the mid-east...oh well, 4.5 billion years and it should clear up

proud to be american

Rich Franklin is quickly becoming one of my favorite fighters. Randy always has been.

I think Rich is very similar to Randy. They're both down to earth, hard working (seemingly) normal guys. They have incredible work ethic and they like to compere - they don't need to trash talk or get angry at opponents, etc/

TTT very cool

Franklin & Couture = class acts

Iraq, the biggest shit hole I have ever seen.

I'm going to have to agree with fcfighter1 on this one...