franklin kampman ufc72 main event?

why is this the main event?
when will sherk defend his title?
anderson silva?

please tell me this will be free on spike tv

hope the card seriously improves.

I said on another thread that a nice addition to this card would be the rumoured Vera v Nog fight

UFC mailed out a poster that made it look like the main event

weak main event

If it's PPV in the US it will be the first in a very long time I did not order.

This is a great matchup.

Franklin takes it though

good matchup...weak main event
and it is being billed as the main event
skip over to will ya
good main event: vera vs nog or anyone vs nog

decent matchup and Kampman is a good fighter but hes not a UFC headliner at this point IMO

Kampman was getting beaten by Drew McFeddries(sp.) when they fought until he got him on the ground so I am thinking this will show he has good striking and got outsturck in that fight or he has ok stand up but gets beaten down by Rich

this must be the ufc ireland thing

fucking disappointing

Guys, its FREE on TV... its a much better main event than the last time he fought on free TV.... Franklin vs Shamrock.

Kampmann rocks and so does this fight.

i guess its a decent main event for a spike tv broadcast, but for an "international event" main event...?

What a bunch of whine asses.

Don't watch, and save us all the trouble of reading your bitchy posts.


They have five titles... There should be at least one title defence on EVERY event.

MetaDevil has PPV'ed the correct!!!

What about Clay Guida vs. Tyson Griffin.....

This is going to be the fight of the night