Franklin thoughts on TUF9 and GSP/Anderson

Don't know if this was already posted, but Rich Franklin addresses the rumors of him being coach for TUF9, weight class he will be fighting Hendo at, and thoughts on possibility of GSP vs Anderson.

If one of the blue namers can put the video on the thread that would be cool.

 Nice video, thanks.



Haha yeah I remember he said somewhere that he liked sporting the black eye; he mentioned it made for a good conversation starter.... haha he probably gives himself a black eye on purpose now-a-days as his patten just like Chuck's Mohawk and Rampage's chain.

Great interview. Thanks for posting it.

Rich is always interesting to listen to.

Rich Franklin as a gatekeeper = two man division!

wow rich franklin was in Oakville, Ontario.

This was my first thread so I'm happy it was useful. I almost didn't start it since I thought maybe it was already posted.

Yeah it's cool how Rich can acknowledge his 'gatekeeper' status at MW division instead of having an ego about it and just brushing it off saying the typical "Ive accomplished everything I wanted to in MW division."

Good interview