Franklin vs Henderson needs to happen!!!

This is a great fight to determine who the 2nd best LHW in the world is? I like both fighters but i think Henderson wins this with his solide striking and great ground should be very close though and Rich can definately pull the upset....2 great fighters with Championship hearts.

Franklin is not LHW.

Tell that to Ken "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Shamrock.'s a damn typo I tell ya...(as he cradles back into the fetus position)

Now give me yoour damn opinion on the fight!!!

Agreed that they should fight to see who the #2 MIDDLEWEIGHT contender is. Hendo would whoop that ass.

ttt for one of the most intresting fights in the MIDLEWEIGHT division, this would realy get my juices flowing!!!

I agree that the fight needs to happen. That fight determines the true #1 contender @ 185. That being said, I think there are only a few people who want to see henderson vs. silva again and even less people want to see franklin vs. silva again.

 I agree...., let's test Franklin.

i like franklin/ marquardt.

strykr619, I like that also, you do make a good insightfull point...Be carefull buddy this is close to unaceptable here on the UG!!

strykr619 - All due respect to Hendo ( great fighter mind you ) why should he fight Rich next? I mean the guy is coming off 2 losses ( yeah they are to silva and rampage ) What if he losses to Rich? What then of Hendo's career?

Rich has lost to silva twice now, but he has came back with wins. Hendo has not. IMO hendo needs to earn that fight with Franklin.

IMO the next fights should be Hendo vs Quarry and Franklin vs Marquardt.

I agree totally. I wanna see Hendo vs. Bisping (who I think looked great Sat., but would probly get trashed by Hendo) and Franklin vs. Marquart or Leben. If they both win (and they should), put the Hendo/Franklin match as an undercard fight on New Years Eve.