Frank's Big Challenge

Just noticed as Shammy is walkin into the stadium, in his entourage is none other than the bald doctor guy from Shaq's Big Challenge, the TV show where Shaq gets enormous grade school kids to lose weight.

I fukking love that show. Shaq is awesome. The doctor guy, though.... Maybe he understood Shammy better than he did the kids.

Maybe you'd have to have seen the Shaq show to be amused to see the doctor guy among Shammy's seconds.

Creativity issue on your end?

I wouldn't know.

Explaining why you don't understand something is sort of on you?

I for one, understand this thread. looks smug



....I have no F'ing clue!

If I knew what it amounted to, would I have to make a puzzled thread about it?

Maybe it's just because this guy is so humorously trainer-ish to me.

It's a puzzle. Just some weird assed thing nobody else noticed or figured out yet.

All I know is it comes up amusement. Might have something to do with chicken. And steak. And Shamrockhood. Hell if I know.

i believe that is former UFC heavyweight champion maurice smith.

I was wrong.

IN front of Maurice Smith! In the big grey sweats like he is about to do something workouty (highly unlikely)!

I didnt see anyone in front of Mo but frank..But then again, I was drunk.

Shonie Carter, sir, do you not recognize the nutritionist/trainer from the Shaq show vids?

Thanks for posting them, btw.

Hell yeah, Train Judo!!