frank's wrestling

not the best!!

i think renzo was a brazilian champ

if not, frank sure made him look like one


actually, i am surprised. he's super athletic, and smart, so i figured he would have worked on this in the past, you know, decade... but i guess he didn't.

his takedown defense still sucks. and i think it was gonna lose him the descision. hope he works on it

someone will come on here and say he doesnt care about being taken down. well he was TRYING to stop them this time, and he couldnt. fact is if he fights a top fighter(lindland) he will get pounded underneath


ok, baroni will do it too? is that good enough? ill go through the list. baroni, horn, hendo, lindland, lutter, etc.. etc.. etc..

Baroni will lose bad

misaki, kang, ninja, trigg, hughes,. he wont be top 20 IMO even in his prime

agree w/ keiths

I thought Frank would have decent takedown defense and dominate with strikes. Oh well. He's more a sham than I thought.

kieths is correct.