Franky = Toughest TUF'er ever


You gotta give the guy props. Black and blue from the last fight and got the W.

Dude's a warrior, through and through.

i have a feeling, win or lose, dana white is going to reward lester.

dana really seems to like the guy alot. he was bragging about him to the tapout crew talking about how much heart he has.

every chance dana gets, he praises lester.

The guy deserves a lot of respect for manning up. He allowed the asskicking he took beforehand to humble him without taking away his mojo and found a way to use it to grow and succeed under really tough circmstances.

Last night I was sore as hell from a workout, but worked out again after watching Lester's exploits. Now I don't care about pain anymore!

Hopefully he gets with a good camp after this and gets sometime to grow. I'd hate to see his reward be being thrown in the deep end of the pool before he's ready only to get cut from the roster.

Well according to the UFC 98 video blogs, he's with Team Quest now.

oic cool :-)

He's a more talented American version of Ross Pointon. He has the attitude Dana is looking for but it's early to say anything else about him.

LMAO that he still had teeth stuck in his mouthpiece!!

i couldnt stand him...gloating over a lucky win cause his first opponent knocked himself out, then all the shit talking in the house, but his loss seemed to humble him.

after showing some real heart though my opinion of him has completely changed, he stepped up and went out there and fought and broke his opponents will. even if he doesnt win this thing i'm sure he'll be given the oportunity in under card fights to make a name for himself and hopefully work his way into the spotlight.

he's shown dana he wants it, now it's all up to him to put in the serious training and dedication it takes to climb the ladder.

It's funny, he fought a pretty terrible fight. Didn't do a single thing Henderson told him, didn't throw straight punches, wouldn't circle off the cage, etc.

Yet still managed to just outlast the guy with pure willpower. Easier to teach skill than heart, so he could go far, but he's got a lot of technique work to do there.

AvAMajestic, did you not see him trying to do those things? Maybe he couldn't. He got beaten up pretty bad just 3 days before and his face and ribs were still banged up. he got his teeth knocked out. His face was still bruised. He had trouble going through training and he still gutted it out and took it like a man.

Its the total opposite of last weeks dude bailing out on the fight, and you can already tell that its gonna pay off in the long run. Win or lose, I think he's gonna have a place in the UFC Dana White seems to have a soft spot for the "I'll quit when I'm dead" mentality. Just like he seems to not be able to stand mentally weak guys like the guy that quit last week (or Godzilla not making weight). He was seriously sounding like a proud papa talking to the tapout guys about how his teeth just got knocked out a couple days ago.

That fight was funny because he wasn't following any of Dan's instructions



IrishFighter110 - 
ackack - i couldnt stand him...gloating over a lucky win cause his first opponent knocked himself out

Man that was not a lucky win. He had the guy in a kimura, thats what added to him ko;ing himself.

i could be wrong but i'm pretty sure he was knocked out before the grip was broken

If Frankie was on Bunker Hill we would have won our independence from the Brits.

I couldnt stand Franky at first, but he eventually won me over... Anyone could have won me over after listening to that cunt Pierce bitch and moan for a few episodes....

Good luck with TEAM QUEST Franky No-teeth..