FRAT: Gumby Telling Old Stories

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Kurt headbutting mo'fo's in the chest must've been an epic sight! Phone Post 3.0

Gumby, does the name WAFFLE ring a bell?


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I already liked the fb page. More please Phone Post

Liked the page. You can tell a story gumby Phone Post

Thanks all. Gimmie 24 hours to bang out and post the next part.

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in, sorry no facebook

Good stuff! Phone Post 3.0

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Im calling total WEAK SAUCE on this thread!!

Gumby is totally HOLDING BACK on all of you!

Just off the top of my head I can think of a few stories he could be telling!

1) BJ draws imaginary line in parking lot and dares any bouncer to cross
2) Dave Cam get carried out the bar by the Polar Bear with one arm
3) Cam chokes a guy till he craps his pants
4) Cam chokes out nazi
5) NYC take over with Paul Sev
6) Gumby Vs Rapper Nas's body guard
7) Gumby brazil trip w Ralph
8) Regan penn pukes and mounts a marine
9) Donotin kicks JP penn square in nuts
10) Any fight story with Flex!!

Put the pressure guys. dont let him off easy ;)

Keep up the great work Gumby! Phone Post 3.0

Oh man, in for number 6)

While we await further stories...I just got linked to this:

Some great stories from Bas Rutten, and John McCarthy - among others.

bj vs bouncers please

For the love of god, LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK Phone Post