Here is the situation. My boyfriend and I just moved to the Tampa area a few months ago and were looking to join a MMA school. We checked out a gym called "TheGrind". The facility was really nice and the guys that trained there seemed really cool and friendly. The problem is that the coaches there are frauds. They have a muay thai instructor there that flat out lied who he has trained under (my boyfriend checked it out) and there submission grappling coach has no background or submission skills at all. The only legit person they have there is a jiu-jitsu black belt and he is never there.

What are your oppinions on this situation and what schools do you recommend. We are looking for a gym that offers a well rounded curriculum and also has female students.

I know Gracie Tampa is a legit BJJ and MMA school.  They also have female students.

O man here we go.The grind website says it all.No women.And there are only 2 instructors on the website,both are legit.The muay thai instructor is what he says he is,don't look him up,take a class with him or spar with him,proof is in the pudding!As far as Jiar Muniz the jiu jitsu instructor{black belt}he is there as many days as the >website< says.The website does'nt have a submission grappling instructor cause we don't have one!!We have submission grapplers,but not instructors.You did'nt pay any money to the grind so fraud is not a good word for your post.The grind website says it all,no lies!It does'nt say we are the best mma school cause we are not!!Go to Rob Kauhn's,David Vierra's or Ross Kellin's place,much better schools.I fail to believe this was posted by a girl{website says no girls}just a stab at a school that is small{the outside is a sh!t hole,so funny you postin very nice place}that is trying to provide a place for some of these fighters to train.Hate only keeps the weak down,we are far from weak.

I'm sorry if I upset you guys. This was just my opinion. First, the place is very nice on the inside; if you have ever been there fulltilt you would know. As for as your muay thai instructor; Mr. Castle has never heard of your muay thai instructor which tells me he is making claims to draw in students. As far as the submission grappler instructor, there was a guy there who actually taught the submission class; I believe his name was Jim. I think he is the one in a picture doing a foot choke on someone. Just for the record, I never said I trained there; I said I checked the place out with my boyfriend. That's why I asked about a place where women train.

Why are you so mad FullTilt. I'm not trying to make anyone mad; that is just my opinion on the facility and what it has to offer in regards to its instruction. If I was wrong to ask people's opinion on this; then I apologize. Trust me; the last thing I want to do in a new city is piss people off.

Dude,don't worry I'm not mad at all.Just stating the facts.As far as the grinds muay thai instructor trying to draw in students,it's not likely.You've seen the place,it's small,we have around 20 people who train there and we can not fit any more in.Good luck on finding a place to train.As my last post said,Rob Kauhn or Ross Kellin are the best at what they do!!!!David Vierra's is also awsome

Thanks full tilt; I will definatly check those places out. Does anyone know if they have websites and how many females they have training there.

Grace Tampa has about 6 full time girls. Our purple belt, Midget Twister, is training for an MMA fight right now and is looking for sparring partners.

Ross also has a great school for MMA fighters. I suggest checking out both schools.

if your in north pasco check out

I do not train at the grind, but have dropped in a few times so I must comment here:

"their muay thai instructor is a fraud"

Do you mean John Tribby?

Oh yes, because a signed verfiable certification from sakesem and a 37 fight pro record means he's a fraud, right?

The black belt, Jair, who weighs 145 lbs soaking wet could twist your steroid monkey boyfriend into a fucking pretzel then piss on his face if he so chose to.

You should have more respect for people that have the credentials these two do. Just another weak first post by a fake screen name.

ADONIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now that's the kind of post response I expect from you!

oh and....leave your email addy I have some info you need to hear.

Dear Adonis,

I laugh at you saying that he is legit because he has a signed certificate from sakesem. The same certificate my boyfriend has when he attended one of his seminar. He is so legit; that's why his supposedly coach Mr. Castle has never heard of him. He is so legit and skilled like you claim, he got beat down in under 20 seconds in his last fight. I tell you what Adonis, why doesn't someone on this forum contact Sakesem's camp or John Castle's gym and ask if they have ever heard of John Tribby. Since he's so good; will you vouge for him Adonis.

Please someone contact these two camps and ask if they know who John Tribby is so they can put an end to the internet bullying of the Adonis. BTW, my boyfriend is not on steroids, it's called hard work.

So what's the beef with the guy then? Just don't train there. I have had an in depth conversation with the kid and I think he knows his shit. I have not trained with him. It appears that fulltilt said he was open for sparring anyone so the only and best way to find out is to get your boyfriend to take off his tapout beanie and his vans and get in the ring.

I'm also not trying to be a bully- just trying to question why you'd make your first post one that attacks someone. That is very very suspect.

If I meant to attack him, I appology. That's why I didn't say his name and I also think it's important for people to know what they are getting into. He may be an amazing stand up fighter but saying you come from a legend isn't cool at all. You may be an awsome self taught grappler but you shouldn't say your coach is Rickson Gracie; would you agree? I have no beef with no one here in Florida; I just moved here. I'm looking for a place to train and I happened to go to the grind first. Why are you telling my boyfriend to take off his beanie and vans and get into the ring. Why don't you get into the ring tough guy. You are the one always talking to people how good you are. I think it's time for you to step up and fight someone in one of the area shows. Just like all the other tough internet guys; you're all mouth!

PS- has someone contacted his coaches yet. The Adonis stakes his reputation that Tribby is a direct student under Sakesem and Castle.

I have no direct ties with the Grind at all.

What I do know is that at the last WFC their members were MORE than willing to help me out in a bind, as some of my corner men weren't able to make it and I was in a situation which was sub-par for warming me up. Members of the Grind were extremely nice and helped tape me, warm me up, and even corner me. This experience alone would make me recommend them to anyone looking for a place to train.

Also fightergirl you say you just moved down here, but then you mention that TheAdonis is "always" talking about how good he is? you have 6 total posts, all within the last day or two so you are either a)lying B)a stalker or c)just pathetic


Um, he posts all over the other forums. Anybody who comes on here has heard of the Adonis. Just because I just moved to Florida, doesn't mean I don't go to the other states forum. I think you guys are misunderstanding what I am saying. I never watch questioned or denied that they are nice people at the grind. They were very nice when we went there. My point is that there muay thai instructor is not a student of sakesem or castle. Bottom line; that is what I am saying. In case you missed it once again. The grinds muay thai instructor is not a student of sakesem or castle. He may have attended seminars; but he is not a direct student of theres. I'm sure he is a nice guy; but he is not a student of sakesem or castle. HOPE THAT MAKES EVERYTHING CLEAR FOR YOU.

yep perfectly clear. I'm still waiting to find out why you used your first post upon moving here to bash someone else.

I'm not sticking up for the grind. I do not train there, as mentioned previously.

My first post wasn't used to bash. I felt as a mma fan and a person who trains; it is my responsible to let people know who are real and who are fake.

I'm fake!  I'm pretty sure everyone here knows it--right guys?