Fraudulent Miletich Seminar

Below is a LINK to advertisements of a Pat Miletich Seminar in Oskaloosa, Iowa on Feb. 24. THIS IS A SCAM \ A FRAUD!! The perpetrator is collecting pre-registration money for this fraudulent seminar, at a clip of $150 per person. There is no Pat Miletich Seminar in Oskaloosa, Iowa on Feb. 24 or on any other date.

......Dave Kujawski
Director of Operations
Miletich Fighting Systems, Inc.
(651) 269-8112



would be funny though if Pat showed up ;)

in talking in detail aboout this with PAt, I would say the word most distant in that discussion was the word "funny".

chad saunders must be behind this

I was thinking Chad Mason.

What up Dave? Long time no see. Looking forward to coming up to Davenport to see ya. JAKE

The only name I have so far is somebody named "Thomas"

Hi Jake,

How are you?? Look forward to seeing you in Bettendorf. Want to fight on MKS 2 Show in Lake Okoboji on Jan. 27?? We are cross-promoting the event with Iowa State Univ. wrestling and the ESPN Winter X Games.

This was advertised in Oskaloosa, Ia on myspace. They wanted $150 prepaid. Sounded fishy to me.



TTT Doesnt Pat post on here?

Yes. His ID is Croation.

I'd like to Dave cause I would still be in good shape but I'm going to be in Acupulco.

Pat should show up!!!

TTT to hear from Pat

You can check out our legitimate seminars at: