FRB calls out Iole

FrontRowBrian Brian
LOL @OscarDeLaHoya just called out Kevin Iole kissing UFC's ass while being unfairly negative to boxing. Oscar's right.

FrontRowBrian Brian
. @KevinI refused 2 write abt FTC investigating UFC when he & EVERY1 else knew abt it.Think @OscarDeLaHoya would have gotten same benefit?NO

KevinI Kevin Iole
@FrontRowBrian You're full of crap. You have ZERO idea what you're talking about. None

FrontRowBrian Brian
@KevinI I tell everyone, you're a nice guy. I don't think you're fair though. You're in too much with UFC. Makes you look weak

Iole is an idiot.

Seems like this is what the UG has come to: TWITTER BEEF.

Sofa King Cool - I still don't know how the fuck to read those things. Phone Post

I'm in the same boat. I feel that I may be getting the hang of it though. Phone Post

Iole is a douche bag

FrozenBagOfMicrowaves - 
Big EP - Seems like this is what the UG has come to: TWITTER BEEF.

OH EM GEE!! FRB just tweeted something. OOOOOH SNAP! Shit's about to pop off by which I mean nothing will happen because it's 1 ignorant moron talking shit anonymously via the intertubes like a true keyboard warrior nerd. I wonder what harshness will happen in the next 140 characters.

yet here you are, not only clicking the thread, but leaving replies.

cool story bro