freak accident with toe pics gross

so i was shooting for a takedown and my toe stubbed forward

i guess the speed of the shot and the toe bending forward cuased the skin to split and break the toe

its very painful right now and think i need some anti biotics

I did this on my second day of a visit to att which sucks the most

but the guys have been great taking care of me and the doctor worked on me for free bc he said that ATT has the nicest and kindest fighters in the sport and he takes his children there.

thats really got to tell you something when a doctor in the ER stitches you up for free bc of the great guys down here.

other then that

heres the freaky accident


and to lighten the mood kitty in a bag

 I remember that happened to somebody on here a few years ago I want to say Charles McCarthy or Rory Singer but I may be wrong anyway the pix looked just like that.

Get better and be careful!

 LOL @ the bag of Pussy

I remember Tim Credeur on this season's TUF got his big toe ripped completely off doing mat drills or something. Had to sew it back on if I remember correctly.

that's after. where's the before pics?

when you said you cut your toe i thought you were being a puss... guess not :)



haha charles the amount of pain i was in

i was trying to downplay the situation saying just a cut to the toe

but I did not want to miss blokao...i was hoping i wasnt like this

now i think its having a hell of a time right now lol

Micah will cut it off for you and then you can train! :)


i had ingrown toenails as a kid and it always came back so i had a procedure to remove the sides of my big toenail

im sure it could have been much worse

its just bizzare and painful

haha charles I was going to name this thread "ATT's defense to the gogoplata"

Ill be in to take notes next practice...I didn't expect it to swell so much and fucking hurt so bad..

Did khalib do a victory speach after he tko'd you via toe stoppage?

he jumped to the top of the cage flexed and said "I'm the best EVA eh"

thanks guys not a big deal just a pain in the ass at an inconvienant time

I said a prayer for your toe. :)

Back in college my buddy and I were drinking beers and watching the Bears vs. Vikings on Monday Night Football. The Bears are losing and score late in the game to win. My buddy goes nuts and runs out of our townhome to celebrate... unfortunately we have an unusually high door threshold, and my buddy isn't wearing any shoes. He stubs his big toe on the threshold and rips off the pad on the bottom. Nasty.


Ouch! Hope that heals Quik!?!

Kitty is loving that bag.