Freakin' Love Handles!!!!

I'm put together o.k., barrel chest, traps, biceps, etc. My beer belly fluxuates from small to medium but I can never seem to get rid of the fuckin' love handles! Curse of the Irish I guess.

Any suggestion mucho appreciated.

You'll have to just keep losing fat until they're gone. I'm the same way, I put most of my fat on my stomach. I'd just stick to a good diet and a solid training program. They have to go away eventually.

Have you tried a low carb diet. I find that is the best for losing fat. Not sure if you are into any sports that might be impacted tho.



And CLEAN THE DIET UP.  If you want to look 'great' for a bit or a week or so just don't eat anything and just do sprints and keep at it.  Dehydrate yourself and you will look 'ripped'.  BUT THIS IS NOT VERY GOOD IF YOU WANT 'ATHLETIC' performance.

You probably eat too much or don't do enough cardio to lower the bf%.  If you train your metabolism should be sufficiently raised.  So that points to eating and cardio.


HK has catabolized the correct.

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what Koing said!

I think HK should get a red name...he's damm helpful!

Sprints sounds like it would be the ticket but ever since my ACL surgery 15 years ago it hurts to sprint or to run at all for that matter.

What is a good alternative to sprinting? Perhaps an exercise bike full bore? Squat thrusts? I'm thinking maybe heavy rope training in 50 rep bursts with the heaviest rope.

Could try swimming I guess.  That would be no impact and a good alternative just make sure you don't drown!

I'm an okay swimmer but technique isn't efficient :( and I personally can't push myself as hard swimming wise compared to when I can run.  But you maybe and probably be a better swimmer then me so you could push yourself harder.

Swimming is awesome for your body.  Use everything.

Just got to lower the bf% or get your abs to get the bulkiness thing going on.  Meaning they are developed and 'stick' out more.

I do a lot of incline sit ups with weights behind my head.  START with weights on chest first.  Just make them heavy so you do 8reps x 5 sets.  I abs look good but I still have quit a bit of  at on me still.  Just looks more lean then I really am as my abs stick out and the layer of fat isn't 'flat' but more of a cobble road type of thing where they stick out.