Fred Ettish as Announcer

I just finished reading some of the Mark Coleman Thread and noticed Fred's post. He is a damn knowledgeable and respectful person. I dont know if he is as well spoken in person as he is on the forum, but if he is someone should use him as an announcer either on Pay-per-view or on DVD voice overs. As a fighter i get disgusted at the amount disrespect and failed attempts at humor that alot of the announcers go through.

Just throwing in my 2 cents, back to work..


I think that's an awesome idea!!!

He'd be great

If he is well spoken and good at that kind of stuff, I'd be all for it. I also like Ken, Frank, Elvis, Jens, and Randy as commentators.

Yeah he comentated on the Ultimate Wrestling 6-29-02 event. I was there live and it was an awesome show. I got the video and was surprised to hear Fred on there. He had a partner, and they did a great job. What the dvd doesnt show is that the temp in the place was around 100 degrees.

The guy that does the videos and dvds does a great job. He takes paypal too.

I think he'd be welcome as far as the fans went,and from his posts on here it looks like he'd be a well spoken commentator. TTT for Ettish as commentator. Put him in there with Rogan to balance things out.

Fred Ettish would make an excellent announcer.

ttt for Fred

He is definitely knowledgeable and would make a great announcer.

Zuffa, make it happen.

the problem with MOST active fighters commentating, in my opinion is that they use thier air time as an infomertial on how they would have done this or that or what they have done. Most color commentators for other sports are RETIRED athletes, so a little bit of " i would have done this or that" goes along way.

My favorite color commentary guys are Jeff Blatnick, Jens Pulver, Bas Rutten, and Jeff Osborne. They are all smart, composed, and have competed. Fred Ettish would be a tremendous addition to that list.

I agreee with Kirik 100%

Fred has done commentating before and he did a damn good job at it,i might add.

I was one of the lucky guys on that card back in 2002 and having a guy like fred doing commentating along with some of the great athletes that were on that card(Pulver,Wiuff,Debi Purcel,Jensen,Guthmiller) made that night one i will tell my grandchildren about.

Thanks a lot for the thought and all the support. Not
that I at all consider myself qualified for the job,
but I can guarantee that if I got the call, I'd



Dana - make the call!!

Fred! Fred! Fred!

Ettish for president

Fred, can you give us a brief rundown on what you have been doing since your UFC fight and what your current training consists of? Post links to any recent interviews as well.

I just did another interview today with Jeff Talberg for a new magazine named "Full Power". I am not sure what the link will be to that, but I am sure Jeff will post it as soon as it is up. He posts here regularly.

I am at work right now, so don't have all the exact dates of the publications of the other legitimate interviews I have done. To the best of my recollection, in "Ultimate Athlete", it was the issue with the prefiew of the Ken Shamrock - Don Frye fight in Pride, maybe February of 02? The "Full Contact Fighter" interview done by Jim Genia was in November of 03 about the time of UFC 45. There is also a brief piece in Clyde Gentry III's book, "NHB: Evoloution".

My current training regimen is something I addressed in the "FCF" interview and also in the recent one that will come out soon in "Full Power". I also answered a post on that here fairly recently. Can't remember the thread title, sorry. If you can't find any of these, email me at and I will be glad to run it by you instead of posting it here.



TTT for Mike Goldberg and Fred Ettish at UFC 48.