Fred Ettish-BJJ Black belt

First off I want to say that this is not a thread that trolls Ettish but a thread that trolls bjj because frankly I'm getting tired of seeing this al of the time

Fred Ettish paved the way for the fighting style that most BJJ blackbelts have perfected to this day.Over ten years ago when veryone was new to grappling Master Ettish had perfected the fine art of butt scooting.Now ten years later bjj blackbelts all over the world are doing their best to repeat this move that they saw for the very first time in UFC2.

Let's hear it for Mr ettish.he influenced the sport more than most would've realised at the time.Everyone gives this guy flack for his shortcomings yet the impact of what he did in the ring still carries on in this sport today.

I give Fred credit for putting it on the line, but that wasn't good butt scooting. I'm sure BJJ blackbelts don't look up to Fred Ettish. He just showed how to take a beating.

Damn Miller i thought you would be above a post like this.

And yes you are trolling.

Yeah, miller i'm surprised at you for this post.

Fred's a great guy, one of the nicest i've ever talked to.

incubus used to be a good band

dudley,glock4life once again I have nothing against Ettish.I guess the reason for this is that Ettish gets so much shit on here for his fight yet when Busta does it against Erickson he is put up on a pedestal for his "smart" gameplan.I'm sick of seeing people flop to their asses but if it's a bjj blackbelt than it is ok but if it is a karateka it is not ok.What's the difference?