Fred Ward RIP!


Didn’t know that, that’s great!

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Tubi tv

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I always wished they continued the Remo series.

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Sadly, probably one of those things that only fans of the novels could get into. The stuff that was funny as hell in the books didn’t translate well to film, and the one they made was a prime example of cheesy ‘80s movie making, which didn’t help make a series likely.

Wasn’t Bulletproof Monk thought of as a spiritual successor to Remo. But it bombed at the box office so studios took that as a hint to stay away from that genre.


I have tubi! Fuck yeah! Thank you for that. I hope you have an awesome weekend and enjoy the fights tomorrow night!

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He was a good actor. Loved him in Remo Williams and Miami Blues.

Thanks man! You too! Kid graduates college in the a.m. and we can watch fights at night!

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I’m going to watch both of the good Tremors movies in his honor.


Excellent actor. RIP!

Damn RIP.
So many good roles.

Rip big fella

One of my all time favorite scenes of all time:

I’m sorry, sir.
This card’s over its limit.

That’s not true. Put it through
your little machine again.

I ran it through three times, sir. It keeps telling me you’re over your limit.

If you have another card,
I’d be happy to–

Don’t give me any attitude.
You go fix that little toy back there, and charge this friggin’ meal to that friggin’ card.
We’ve been coming here
for 20 years.

We’ve only been open
eight years, sir.

Do it now.

RIP Fred

Same here I will definitely put Tremors on this weekend out of respect for Mr Ward

He also did a movie in the early 90s where he played H.P. lovecraft. Was a fantasy/horror flick though and not a bio-pic.

remo williams and time rider are 2 of my favorites from when I was a kid. rip fred.

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