Freddy vs Jason vs Michael

Best Original Film:

1st place - Halloween

2nd place - A Nightmare on Elm Street

3rd place - Friday the 13th

Best Sequel:

1st place - Halloween II

2nd place - Friday the 13th Part 2

3rd place - Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Best Series Overall:

1st place - Halloween

2nd place - Friday the 13th

3rd place - A Nightmare on Elm Street Phone Post 3.0

I always found Freddie scarier than Jason as a kid. Halloween I didn't watch until I was an adult Phone Post 3.0

I also think that the ANOES movies were good until at least the fourth one. FTT not so much Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Halloweens were less goofy. Freddy started good but got to be silly. And I like Jason as a boogeyman character, but the Fridays were pretty stupid fucking movies. They were fun to see in the theater with a crowd though.

Halloween was hands down the best of the three Phone Post

Original Nightmare on Elm Street was the best IMO. After that they got stupid. Phone Post

I was always in the country so Jason was by far the best when I was a kd

Nightmare on Elm Street for me, and I'm excluding that abortion reboot that came out a few years back. 
Dream Warriors is a GOAT 80's horror film, the deaths were way cooler due to the freedom of dying in a dream, where anything can happen.  That wannabe tough-girl from The Dream Master who gets turned into a cockroach and crushed in a roach motel is a classic example of Freddy's unrelenting ability to create gruesome deaths. I love motorcycle Freddy in part 5 too, where he basically consumes Dan via the motorcycles wiring - and I can't forget Super Freddy.  That scene always pissed me off because Mark was a cool nerd character who finally got to become the character he spent hours drawing.  Sad death for me as a kid.

Michael and Jason were more limited to the nature of their kills due to not being able to venture where Freddy could.  Michael's kills were always bland to me.  He'd stab you, crush your head with his hands, or impale you on something.  Jason had some exciting kills though, he always went outside of the box when the situation presented itself, and that had to be respected.

Now, in terms of who is the scariest of the three - Michael hands down.  I personally enjoyed the Nightmare series more than the other two, partially because I grew up watching pretty much only those.  Although Friday IV: The Final Chapter, is fucking legendary.

Killers aside, Halloween didn't have too many characters worth remembering.  Jamie Lee Curtis made a good comeback with H20, but what happened to her in the following film was pathetic, and it really left a bad taste in my mouth.  That last film just fucking sucked.  No way Busta could beat up Michael.  That shit was stupid as fuck.

Tommy Doyle was a character that Halloween really could've done something with, especially after he returned in the Curse of Michael Myers.  Why they didn't carry on with him I don't know, but it could've been good. 

Everyone always gives Nancy from Nightmare all the props, but Alice surpassed her due to the supernatural abilities she possesed. She was the only character who could truly go toe to toe with Freddy.

The same can be said for Tommy Jarvis from Friday.  While he had no supernatural abilities, he showed up in three of the films, and bested Jason and imposter Jason (from part five), all three times.  It's not too often that you see a male hero in a horror series from back then either, which I always thought was kind of cool.

TL/DR; Nightmare is the best.  Best deaths, best characters, coolest killer. 

The better question is where would you rather be: in a dream with Freddy or in a dark forest with Jason?

Fuck, I don't even know... Phone Post 3.0

I always preferred Jason to Freddy. Freddy was too magical for me. Jason just seemed like a really tough indestructible guy. I didn't watch too many of the Halloween movies. Phone Post

Never saw any of them.

Michael Myers GOAT!!

Jason freezes them both before finishing them off with the banhammer......

Oh wait! You weren't talking about the mod Phone Post

Can someone give a brief description of the premise of each series? As far as I understand they are all serial killer mutants with super powers. Correct?

Michael would rape them both inside of 3 rounds. Phone Post

Hated Freddy and didnt like Michael, Jason fan. More early Jason than supernatural Jason. Phone Post 3.0

The 1st Friday The 13th movie was awesome. Out of the group the OP listed, I give it a 1st place vote.

Halloween was also great, and I place it ahead of Nightmare - which I also liked as a younger movie viewer.

For the sequels, the second movies for Friday and Halloween were solid, but after that the series kind of fell apart. Halloween was too repetitive and Friday became too supernatural for my liking. But the Nightmare movies held true to their original storyline, so I give it the nod here.

So for individual movies, Friday then Halloween. For the series, Nightmare. Phone Post 3.0

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I remember as a kid my mom, my fucking MOM, let me watch that shit one night. I was probably 10 years old and that shit ended around 10pm and she said, "Okay, time for bed!" Go to fucking bed?! That's where that mother fucker gets you!

Phone Post 3.0