Free AntiVirus Software???

Is there a place to get a good solid virus protection software that is free? i dont want to spend 3 fucking hours downloading a Norton free trial pack that will expire in 10 days.

and, yes im a cheap bastard.......


solid, no.

free, yes.

Google for AVG Anti-Virus and Avast Anti-Virus.

i went to PCWorld and they recommended Avast so i went ahead and downloaded it.

Now that will be better then nothing, but what are its downfalls?

Most of the free anti-virus softwares just aren't as accurate as the Norton's of the world. They will miss some viruses, and other times they can report false positivies. PCWorld typically does an article on them once a year and Norton is usually head of the class with McAfee, PcCillin, etc. a little behind.

But you are correct...the free virus software will be better than nothing at all.

AVG is ok (and free). You can download it from

We use it at work (the University dept where I teach) because of the price and have not had many problems with virii.