My Picks for tonight- Couture, Marquardt, Miller, Rosholt, Vera...  To make it UG proper!

I am trying to get a logo designed and I figured I would give some muds the chance to earn a Pro membership or some blues to get their membership renewed by helping me out.

The contest will run two weeks and any one is eligible to enter.

The logo- I am looking for some thing that makes people smile, maybe even involving a smile.  The name I want Logo-ized is "Laugh Legion".  The logo does not have to include the word, though all entries will be looked at.

I was thinking some thing involving Double or reflecting L's with a smile in there some where.  Simple is good.

Contest will end two weeks from today @ 5:00 pm CST.

Here's a shot... bluenamer, please?

beat me to it

Thanks, MB!!

Can you tell us more about whatever the logo's for?

Nice work, RLL!! These will be tough to beat!

For raoulDuke


Good ideas so far.  If some how the Mirror image and smiley face idea could be merged.

Keep em coming!  Free Pro Membership is just a few steps away!


Damn, RLL, hate to hang off your nuts, but these are really good!!

Ansari - Can you tell us more about whatever the logo's for?


 That's pretty good too.  RLL is working for it!


Why are you ignoring my question?

blue please


blue please

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RickStorm DaddyDirtied Me -  ttt

That's pretty awrsome

I like it too.

There's a couple I like.

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All right RLL, it looks like you pretty much took the cake.

Pending some amazing last minute entry, your logo was definitely in the right direction.

What's your email?