Free BlueBelt+ OpenMat This Sat...

@ Yonge and Bloor!!!

To ring in the New Year, OpenMat Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will be running a free two-hour Holiday OpenMat at Yonge and Bloor this Saturday afternoon!

The OpenMat is open to all BJJ Blue Belts and above, in order to give the experienced people in Toronto a chance to train together.

Gi and no gi welcome! We already have a few blue and purple belts confirmed, and would love to see some brown or black belts in the mix. For more information, or to register, email

See you on the mats!

OpenMat Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

yonge and bloor? only place i know in that area are spring rolls & brass rail in that area :)

where you guys located?

I am thinking regardless of belt colour, anything approaching an open mat scenario at Brass Rail is going to be EXPENSIVE.


ttt ill be there

Is this a new academy? Do you guys have a website?

This is the first i have heard about this club, i love the fact BJJ is poping up all over the GTA, its amazing to see how much things have progressed in the last 5+ years.

TTT for more info on OpenMat Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!!!


An addy would be nice.

AWESOME session today. Tons of good guys to roll with.

Where is the school? Who are the instructors?

"I guess it is a secret."

LOL--it's very bizarre that no one is willing to answer the question

Maybe they will be putting down mats on the sidewalk.

"Where is the school? Who are the instructors?"

Crocop teaches standup and Romo Gracie breaks down the groundfighting. Its sick!!

Seriously, where did you get "school" and "instructors" from a thread called "Open Mat"?

haha pete

its just open mat training in a nice facility, with all participants being skilled

I think Elliot set this up. Heard it was pretty good training.