FREE Book Contest

Okay, folks, to push you over the edge in sharing your creative Body-Flow™ Kinetic Chains, I'm going to offer you a contest challenge.

Submit a link to a video of you performing your most creative Body-Flow™ Kinetic Chain. You must submit your link here in this thread by Monday night midnight EST. Then from Tuesday to Friday, October 1st, I'll start a new link with a poll of your most creative Body-Flow™ Kinetic Chains. The tribe will then vote on a poll.

On Friday OCT 1, the person with the most votes, will receive one of my books of your choice which I shall personally autograph and send to you.

Let's see what you can do!

I neglected to mention that the winner and his/her most creative Body-Flow™ Kinetic Chain will be featured in the next issue of CST MAG!

Multiple entries are accepted.

Danggit rushes out to think of somthing