Free Editing Software For You

If anyone is interested in receiving a legitimate and free copy of Pinnacle Systems' Liquid Edition editing software, send me an e-mail. First 5 e-mails I can send the software to.

I have a connection at Pinnacle and I am doing some market research on what different types of users like and don't like about this software and what the would like to see in future versions.

So after you spend some time with the software, I would need you to send me an e-mail with your thoughts.

Please check that your PC does meet the minimum system requirements:

Liquid Edition

What a great deal! Too bad I am a mac guy who is in love with my Final
Cut Pro HD. Whoever has a system that can meet the requirements
should jump on this. Pinnacle is a solid system.

I can't send an MMA email, so I guess I'm out.


post your e-mail address and i will contact you.

You haven't had 5 people jump on this yet? What are you guys, crazy or

I have one mma e-mail and djdb so far. three to go...

Pick me pick me!!!!!

I am interested in how it would work with my all in wonder 8500DV and my two ADAT cards through a digital mixing desk.

It would be a good compatibility test as I have gotten every software package to work on this rig so far.

I'm literally laughing my ass off that no one is jumping on this.

one more...



I have yet to hear from anyone regarding this. Please email me one way or another so I can take down my address, thanks.


My sac is tingling in anticipation.

any luck from anyone getting the software?


busy week at work. i sent out three CDs on Friday and will do the rest by or before wednesday.

ironyuppie....that's great!

Darn. I guess I was a loser.

whoever mlkcarton was send me your address. i had to ask for two more addresses but i have signed and sealed