Free Editing Software For You

Cool. I just checked my mma mail. I guess I am not a loser after all. I should call my mom.

Holy crap. Just read the pinnacle site.

Looks like it will take a long time to explore everyting it has to offer.

Especially interested in the broadcast end and distributed video stuff.

Also will test some vst intstruments and see how they work with it.


Christmas has come early. The software arrived. I have three very large Training Video projects on the table right now. I also have a fight event to edit. I am looking at buying another machine (probably a notebook) so the girlfriend and I can both work at the same time. I think I will put Liquid Edition on it and use it to edit the fight. That should provide a good opportunity to check it out.

Thanks again for making this happen.


Performance Edge Productions

I just starting coming on here- any chance you are still giving them out?

Aaron...looking forward to what you think about it. I'm always curious
about other applications, even ones not on the mac platform.


All I have ever used is Vegas and I am very happy with it. I do however look forward to checking out a different NLE. As soon as I get my table cleaned off a little I will install it and edit a project with it. I will post a review here.


cool. I'm a FCP guy myself but like I said, I am curious as to what
others use and how they feel about it.

If you haven't reached your quota, I would be more than happy to take advantage of your kind offer.