Free Elite XC Tix?

This seems like a long shot, but I figured since the event is being held 5 minutes from my house I might as well try and get some tickets. If I weren't a struggling college student(poor me) I'd buy some myself. Hook it up! For your troubles, (help, blue?)


One more try at the top

I read something about EliteXC sending shuttles to dorms/frats to bring in people. Maybe you should just lurk around the venue in the afternoon and hope someone is trying to paper the place

Yeah I read that too, but couldn't get any solid info. I may end up doing what you suggested tomorrow if I finish this paper early enough.

LilBrockonmychest - "do it for CRE. "

Well, it that case

Lol. Nah man no luck. I'm thinking about standing outside of the venue in a rain slicker with a UFC SUCKS sign hoping Skala sees me!

If you go over they will let you in if they do not sell out. You will miss a few of the early fights but before they go on air

That's cool as hell, thanks man. How are you aware of this?

because they would/n;t want to go on the air with an empty house. the more seats they can fill before the show the better it looks on TV.

Word. Thanks for that info.