Free flags for Canadians for UFC

you will need something to cry into when events over

can't we just use the ones from the Mens Olympic hockey team instead?

No shit, could the match maker have made it any more one-sided to the USA, this is like a no contest for Canadians, with the exception of GSP. I am hoping for the best, but if we win some of these fights it'll be a huge upset. But thanks for pointing out the obvious ODESSA.

It will be a long night, but full of suprise for the American.

Canadian's will win 4 of these fights.


Good to see you posting Stephane!


Ronin MMA

Hey Bagels...please email me at

I have things to run by you PLUS Id like to take a lil side bet with you on UFC 58 :)



Hi Stephane,

I used to co own the UCC back in the day. That roundhouse kick on Johnson was unreal. When are you getting back in the ring? If your getting back into the game please email me, perhaps we could work towards getting you a good fight soon.