Free-handling a 15 foot King Cobra. Insane creature

No amount of money in the world could get me to touch those.

This kid is crazy, he’s the next Steve Irwin. Imo

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As long as you say “it’s ok buddy” you’ll be fine.

Fuck that…snake coulda nailed him 1000 different times.



I made that comment before seeing him pick up the girl snake. Fuck that even more.

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I would be swinging that around by the tail and slamming it in the ground head first till I couldn’t lift my arms… And then start stomping it


Nah, I will take a pass on handling a king cobra.

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-signed these kids





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A lot of those Asians get the venom removed and defanged I heard.


But yeah there’s some crazy Asians walking barefoot in cobra pits. Not the brightest people

Those are defanged, to teach the kids how they move and behave etc. Thats a legit problem there, king cobras will cross a street to bite you. They are not timid like many other snakes.

Snakes with training wheels.


Basically how I handle my OG hog


I could feel my heart rate jump when he said she’s next. His days are numbered.

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He’s only 23 years old but he got his venomous permit in Florida and just purchased like 17 acres. He has everything from exotic owls, to crocodiles and alligators, to a room full of 75 snakes.

Dude really has a passion for his animals and isn’t doing it for YouTube. I guess he worked at a reptile shop since he was 12, but still, I wouldn’t never risk the chance. His friend lost a finger from a king cobra bite, and he’s lucky he didn’t die.


I should’ve taken my blood pressure before watching, and then while watching. I’m sure my bp spiked as he kept talking for the camera and didn’t just put the cobra in the tank

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If any of you guys liked this video…. His friend tattoo buddy Tyler Nolan (he was on Ink Master) actually got bit by a King Cobra and could have easily died. I think it was 30 vials on anti venom they rushed from out of state.

Here is Tyler telling the story with Chandler:

FYI THE TITLE IS CLICKBAIT, obviously not a deadly interview, but he tells the story and shows the video of how he was bitten. It’s fucking crazy.

I personally have never owned a reptile nor plan on it, but I started watching these 2 guys on YouTube and I’m kind of hooked. lol.

This is Tyler visiting the Cobra that almost killed him for the first time. The older man is Tom Crutchfeild, I guess he’s super respected in the reptile and exotic animal community, but it was Toms Cobra that bit him.

The video I posted above was the first time Tyler told the story about his bite. But this video was supposed to be his “official story” about it.

He shows the short IPhone video clip of the bite towards the middle:

Man fuck that

NSFW, imo

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Nope, fuck this shit. Only good snake is a dead snake.


If you do kill one… Don’t cut their heads off and feel like your safe. The head can still bite up to hours after it’s cut off and it’s still venomous! I googled videos to check for myself. It’s crazy

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