Free hotel stays (2 hour presentation required) anyone ever done it?

What was your conversion rate?

About 10%. Pretty average. I wasn’t pushy and I didn’t lie or embellish anything, so my rescission rate was very very low. You would typically get two tours a day, for about 10 a week. If you sold one deal a week you were doing pretty good. After doing front line for a bit (non owners) ingot moved over to in house which is where people that already own with the company come in and do different style tours to learn more about their memberships, new locations, programs, Yada Yada.

For those “Pay $250 and stay a whole week at a Hilton/Marriott resort if you attend a 2 hour presentation” - are the any hidden catches?
Can they really make you stay for longer than 2 hours? (as people have mentioned in the beginning of the thread)

They will absolutely try. They wanna close. If you can get a time in writing, which isn’t easy, you hold all the cards.

No they can’t. Depending on the sales person, there will be levels of aggressiveness.but if you are polite and firm they’ll usually let you go. Worst case say you are going to leave a bad review and file a complaint with the Real Estate board or BBB.

Now that being said, when you are there, don’t be a dick to the sales person. Enjoy the free food and drink, have a conversation. The presentations we did were pretty fun and interactive with the crowd. The lady that did them at my place was one of the best in the company and she was hilarious. Vast majority of people that did the tours had fun, even if they did or did not buy.

FRAT warning

Wife and I land in Cabo and right off the plane we’re approached and asked what resort we’re in. I tell him and he directs me to a window IN THE TERMINAL to arrange our “shuttle.” Being that we are INSIDE THE AIRPORT I’m under the assumption that this a legitimate airport service. The girl in the window is chatting as she supposedly arranges our ride and mentions that the resort we are staying in is actually not Mexican owned. She laments the foreigners and their resorts, which take away from Mexicans who are trying to compete with them. She suggests we should tour this particular Mexican-owned resort and consider it on our next visit. We agree because, well, why not? We schedule it for the following morning at 9am.

First red flag was when the ride they sent for us was not allowed onto our resort’s property. We had to walk to the property entrance and the public road. Struck me as odd, but whatever. We arrive at the new resort for our tour and are introduced to our guide. Very nice guy, Mexican in his fifties, who led us around. Conversation was pleasant and he told us some of his story and we shared a bit of ours. I’d say about 30 minutes into it, a moment I recall perfectly, it dawned on me what we had been lured into. Interestingly, the guide immediately sensed it. Our previously chummy interaction had overtly cooled. I started clamming up. Polite, but offering nothing. We walked along in awkward silences with him shifting into autopilot for the rest of his part, fully aware that I was now fully focused on escape. He led us into what was to be the “skinning” room and passed us off onto the person who closes the sale. I was cold as an ice cube. Flat out telling him that we would not under any circumstance purchase what they were offering. We had been tricked into coming here and they were wasting our precious vacation time. Arrange for our ride and take us back to our resort immediately. They guy kept pitching and the prices kept dropping, eventually to the point that it was just a fraction of the initial offer. Like a POW under interrogation I repeated my mantra. Get us a ride and get us out of here immediately. He rose from his seat and walked away. Next came the “intimidator.” Big Canadian guy. Sits down hard and stares at me. “What’s your problem?” he asks curtly. My problem? I’ve been detained in a foreign country against my will while on vacation. Get me a fucking ride and get me the fuck out of here. He stares, I stare, my wife is deer in the headlights wondering what the fuck is happening. He asks again why I won’t consider the incredible deal they’re offering. I repeat my mantra. He stands up and stares, big guy and honestly not sure if I could have handled him, but I was fired up enough to try. He stomps off. A girl comes over and asks us to follow her. The rest of the people (getting their sales pitches) in the room are staring at us. I make it a point to walk over to the first guide we had and he’s looking at me clearly not knowing what to expect. I shake his hand and thank him for being polite and pleasant and wish him well, unlike some of the other people here (looking back at the big Canadian asshole). They escort us out and sit us down beside a pool to wait for the ride. This is when it gets almost comical. I shit you not a guy in a wheelchair comes rolling over to our table and make one last hail mary pass at the sale. I explain to him everything that has transpired and politely tell him that we are completely and unequivocally finished. He awkwardly beats around the sale and finally concedes. As we’re walking out the girl in the window motions for us to come get our free tequilla and whatever other shit we were supposed to get. I told her to keep it and she looked completely shocked by my reaction, but then again she had absolutely no idea what had just transpired. We finally got back to our resort and went about our vacation.

Lesson. Learned.

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Air BNB / VRBO already solves this issue

That’s actually pretty common in a lot of places in Mexico.

I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta a couple of times and they only allow rides up if you arrange for them at the front desk or the doormen.

If we wanted an Uber, they had to pick you up just outside the hotel entrance.

True, AirBNB is a great alternative, as is VRBO. But there is a slight difference. Many of these timeshare locations are resorts and have some awesome amenities.

Wow that’s some next level shit.
You were literally kidnapped and extorted lol

Good info. We’ve used my buddy’s timeshare and really enjoyed it. Was definitely nicer than hotels, and was cheaper than AirBNB.

The big downside was the nice locations (his timeshare was one where you had access to a variety of places throughout NA and Mexico) and dates always booked up way out in advance.

Funny story about ABNB and VRBO. I’m going to Myrtle next week on vacation(white trash, I know), and we were looking at those sites. We found some rooms in a nice resort with cool amenities, but if you used the rental sites, you weren’t allowed to use them. We looked at the actual resort site, and not only was it cheaper, but all the amenities are included.

Last year we had the opposite find. Cheap private room in a nice building that was cheaper than renting from the actual hotel.