Free ISP?

Are there are free dialup ISP's anymore? I need to be able to dial up WITH NO ADDED SOFTWARE from my NEC Mobilepro once in a while to check my email. It has a modem and run winCE but it'd be convenient to use it for email once in a while.

Anyone? Anyone?

If there are any free ones still, I guarantee you'd be forced to use their software.. that's how they used to make their money; by embedding advertisements and popups and spyware into the shitty proprietary browsers or connection software.

That's what I'm finding out. I don't mind that as long as it is Wince compatible software - which I have not been able to find. It's not like I'm going to use this much but it would certainly come in handy about twice a month.

chech to see if your cable/DSL provider doesn't also provide dialup access for road warriors.

PeoplePC insists that you run their software.

but like revolver said, check your ISP. most of them should give you a backup #.