Free Jiu-Jitsu Classes!

what say you?


Free jiu-jitsu classes given by world champion black belts.

Great for:


Self Defensive

Kid's classes

Woman's classes

Competition classes

Convenient town location

Make friends and find out what all the buzz is about. Friendly, clean and professional environment focused on your needs.

Come in and visit or call for more information at 944-9000. Also visit us on our website

What should we say about what?

-It has been in the works for quite some time?

-There's a new kid on the block?

-When you see "BB", it actually means "Black Belt" rather than "Brown Belt"?

-Secretly most of us, but publicly some of us, wish we too could singly support our martial arts teachers with a benefits package that all they'd have to do would be to teach and not worry about a second or third job, rent money, medical, and/or citizenship?

-The best we could do is welcome this new school with open arms and teach 'em how it's done. The worst is talk about dojo storming them. The latter being lame, if serious about it?

I just think back to a year ago when GB HNL opened up and the flack we, at GB HNL, absorbed either at work, through the rumor train, on the streets, and outside of our own homes. Being new takes a little getting used to for everyone. From that experience, it's funny today.

But it's free for now right? Get a feel of it all. What does anyone have to lose? Besides the fear of "the others" due to archaic hypocritical beliefs and the fear of being exposed to different games and their intensities.

A couple of questions for those in the know,

Where is the gym?
Who is the instructor?

good questions bjjtek. no instructors listed on the website. romolo has asked me if i heard anything about this. all i said was what i read on here. don't know anymore than that.

^^ Well Rex has been doing bjj in hawaii for like EVER.. these new kooks on the block drop some cash on a brazo instructor they advertised on car windshields for.
These new kooks on the block are buying there way onto a block in which Romolo,Egan,Todd..many others have spent there years at working to get too where they are at now. They earned there way thru the ranks to get there schools on the ground they didnt buy there way in.
Also when one of the partners boasts..YES boasts how he's gonna "open one school then another and another eventually taking over hawaii".. I call the kook card once again
Free? Well I bet.. I bet you also get wot you pay for.. On top of that they couldnt come up with a more original name? Talk about mooching off Saulo's school name & ideas.
And last but NOT least when people email other people about there class times and schedules/fishing for info they should at least try using another email then one that ends with I mean seriously... the nerve of some kooks.
I love the Rex but ive said it once i'll say it again. GB hows gone the way of the Mcdojo for some time now its a shame really.

I agree, mad tiger, in regards to those who have produced their academies here from the ground up. I thought you were joking about the Saulo School name line. They couldn't use GB Honolulu

But I may need a mad tiger decoder ring for that last sentence. lol.

wow that was the worst website I have ever seen at least put some info on it.

it's pretty sweet to see the oahu jj community finally united... privately at least...

we grew here, they flew here!


Welcome to the madness we know as the HG Unity Manini.

I'll help and support any HG'er that's not a Donkey. I don't care if they are Relson, Pedro, Royler etc. because really we are all kind of part of Gracie Humaita and we all love Jiu Jitsu (well most of us).

With that said when you open a gym whether it's in Oregon, Hawaii or Nebraska at the very least you should go around and introduce yourself to the locals and try and not detract from them imo

-The best we could do is welcome this new school with open arms and teach 'em how it's done. The worst is talk about dojo storming them. The latter being lame, if serious about it??

Disagree 100%. The best we could do is not support another school in a way over saturated market. It will take away from the schools that already exist. Kind of like introducing another predator in an eco system, something has got to give.

But it's free for now right? Get a feel of it all. What does anyone have to lose? Besides the fear of "the others" due to archaic hypocritical beliefs and the fear of being exposed to different games and their intensities."

That's bs. Hawaii has a ton of talent and if we wanted to expose ourselves to different games we could go to any number of excellent instructors across affiliations. Hell when I go home I try and train with as many people as I can and I have always been over welmed with knowledge and possibilities.

Last year I went home 4 times ranging in stay from a 10 days to a weekend. I trained almost every day I was back home and had to limit where I trained because of so many options and information over load from Rylan. I still have to train at O2 were there are arguably at least 3-5 national competitors and only made it to Todd's for 1 class. New to my list is Eric's gym in Millilani so when I go home at the end of summer I'm pretty much booked for a week training with nationally level jiu jitsu players and will more then likely only get a glimpse of there game because of time constraints

There's only 7 days in a week, you could train with a different high level black belt EVERY day of the week for a month before you would have to go back to the same class

KU, good post. We differ in opinion, but I understand.

I can understand the introductions by someone establishing themselves, but do you really think they'll be taking anything away from the other academies? I could see this to be a problem if the people in question were forcing how they do things upon the already established academies. I could even see it as a big problem if the people in question were going around and telling people from around the local academies to outright leave their associations or academies to be a part of theirs alone.

I will add that, yes and no, we are all Humaita. I think we know the details. There is a difference between checking another school out, training with that other school, and switching associations...not many people seem to see the difference. I think some academies have by now addressed the question of, why someone leave their association. So there's no need to get into that discussion from here.

In reference to "Disagree 100%", it seems to me that you think I am saying that we should let this new academy have or do anything they want? Far from it. Think about it, they could if you don't show them how it's done here. This includes being predatory, as you compare them to a new "species" in Hawai'i. Their student membership may be made up of people who didn't want to be a part of other academies or go beyond some limit of distance to train. So those people have someplace to go now that appeals to them. Nothing I posted means you HAVE to go because they are NEW.

About your "bs" opinion, you are putting words in my post that never existed or were ever intended in the post. Hawai'i has talent, never said Hawai'i didn't. I was only addressing the most likely limited free class. Nothing to lose from a free class, since you already know where your home academy is. I also did not post that everyone GOTTA check it out. If time permits or not, then fine. I don't think it's a hassle.

Since your support is more anecdotal, due to responsibilities with family I cannot go to every class GB HNL has to offer that can help me. The same applies to going to mad tiger's classes. I attended his class once, actually a seminar, and I was lucky to even have that time off, due to kids spread out to different grandparents'. Not lucky like that too often. mad tiger's class schedule doesn't clash with GB HNLs and that's good for me when I have the time and location of both places make it easier to attend either way. If I find the time during their schedule and see myself driving to town, then maybe I'll check out the GB UH. I can honestly say that it would most likely be for a seminar or if they organize a tournament. I already can guess that their schedule would not be feasible due to my commitments with family, even if they had day classes (10 or 11am) which is already committed free time at GB HNL.

So outside all that has been posted, the only way I can see GB UH being a predator and take away from other academies would be to buy out or sign up the local instructorship, convince potential students that other academies are rubbish and offer a limited game, or "buy up" all the training space. Hopefully none of that happens in this situation, even though I've had a couple of those things already happen to me when the option to stay with Sexie came up and another when at our old training site. 8^)

side notes and little blurbs-

I can see how my posts on the topic might stir up emotions that remind forum readers of other negative posts about Hawai'i martial artists. Do not mistaken my posts to be the same as CCF's posts in the past when I think it was about Hawai'i not having, developing, or retaining talent.

Being limited during travel, meaning when I go to the continental US, I don't always get the opportunity to stray from the family itinerary to see all the GB academies in the area and quietly compare. But from stories and other accounts of GB experiences, GB Honolulu is different. We got the logo seems to be about it from witness accounts. Someday I hope to draw my own conclusions as other readers of the HG have been able to do. Albeit, not really positive experiences, lol. GB HNL's, better yet Hawai'i's unique JJ/MA atmosphere, in comparison to other GBs, is because of the people that are here and control that atmosphere.

As Professor O and manini pointed out- The HG, or overall Hawai'i, unity is sweet, but let's make it productive too.

If O'ahu is already as saturated as some accounts say, then GB UH will only pick up the left overs or those that live right next to it. Even if they put a GB on every street corner, they better have a dollar menu. bad joke.

I heard there is a new jj school opening on Dillingham. The instructor name that I got was RICO or Ricardo. Something like that. Not sure if it's the GB guy though.

LOL at you guys thinking BJJ belongs to you just because you opened a gym. It is happening all over the world so stop crying about it. This kind of stuff happens in all walks of business. You guys are just bitter because the more gyms that open up the less rediculous rates you can charge to roll around in the gi a few times a week. In the end people that are serious are going to go where they can get the best quality anyway. The way you guys talk there should be no schools besides the first one that ever opened on Oahu.

^^^ lol at the fat fuckin midget that has contributed jack shit to our bjj/mma scene here commenting on what is good for us

its a good thing his comments mean jack shit