Free M$ ondemand training

I just had to make another thread about this.

I always gave credit to microsoft for their great Knowledge Base and MSDN.

But I just recently discovered that they also provided a tonn of FREE webcasts that you can watch on demand.

Just take a look at the list!!

And on top of giving away these great presentations by industry pros, each webcast has a question/answer part where they answer questions received live during the webcast. I think this is the best part about it.

And then, M$ sometimes gives you free stuff like expensive books and software like VisualStudio.NET(VB.NET) for attending these. I'm selling mine on ebay right away as I get them.

So check it out, will be worth your time.

Do you have to watch it live to get the free stuff?

Do you have to participate somehow, or can you just turn it on and mute it and do something else?

no no no, you can watch them on-demand, whenever you want. I never attended one live.

It shows up as "Recorded", then you just watch the video of it, you don't even have to finish, fill out 5 survey questions (rate presentation 0-9 etc) and you're all done.

My free stuff is already in the mail.