** Free MMA Magazine **

Hey guys, I've been working on getting together a 100% free MMA Magazine. For the past 6 months, I've been getting together with experienced graphic designers, writers, and printers that are willing to donate their time and efforts to developing this publication. This is a 100% free magazine. We have filed as a Non-Profit organization in the state of Texas. We plan on getting out the first issue by April 1st. This is a paperback magazine, with a full color cover, b&w inside (first issue will have between 48-60 pages. As some of you might know, I've been promoting MMA and boxing in Mexico for many years now, but I've also been part of 3 local magazines (The Lounge, Silverado Revista, Ajua). By free we mean:

  • Free Distribution to MMA schools and gyms. Individuals pay $5 yearly for shipping (funding for 6 yearly issues is already covered)

  • Free Advertising for ALL MMA/Boxing Events

  • Free Advertising for schools

  • Free Advertising for grappling tournaments

Due to budget issues, we will only cover major MMA and boxing events. We will NOT have technique sections but will offer the following:

  • Major MMA Event Coverage

  • Boxing Event Coverage

  • Event Listings

  • All event results (no matter how big or small the promotion is)

  • Fighter Interviews

  • Editorials

  • National Rankings

  • Product Reviews

  • Free Give Aways

I know MMA magazines have been tried before and have failed, but we have carefully reviewed our budget and will offer the best product possible. The magazine will look something like what Ring Magazine used to look like 4-5 years back. The graphic and producation staff are highly skilled and believe me, this will not look like shit. We're here for the love of the sport. None of the writers, designers, or staff will be paid. Everyone is donating their time to the magazine. The website should be up in a day or two where you will be able to contact us and sign up for the magazine. I'll post more information in the following days. In the meanwhile, I'm going to try to get together more people to help us out with the magazine.


Hector Molina


sounds good hector when is the next show...

how's it going Vince?! Silverio Guerra asked me for your phone number a day or two ago. I'm not sure, Nvo Laredo is getting really violent right now, there are about 5 murders a week, so Lucha Libre, Boxing, and MMA have basically been suspended. No one goes out at night. But shoot me an email, I'll let you in on some plans we got for this year, we're gonna promote in the US instead of Mexico in 2005. hectormolina@hotmail.com

btw, email me your phone number please!






Good luck with the mag.


ttt good luck

thanks for the support guys...the website should be up in a day or two where you'll be able to sign up your school or gym for your issues...in the meanwhile, I need to contact some people to start getting the first issue together. Thanks!



TTT good luck Hector..



Email me and I may be able to get a few of the issues out.UFCBarbarian@yahoo.com

I'm still trying to set up my magazine email account, but the site is still down until a day or two from now. We're going to mail these magazines out to MMA schools, we have a list of about 40 right now (and growing) and we're sending out about 20-50 issues to each school, depending on the size of the school. We're trying to get this magazine straight to the hands of the MMA demographic. We're also going to give them away at tournaments, events, seminars, etc. Individuals will be able to subsribe as soon as our site is up. Thanks, Hector

it was good to hear from you bro, please call the next time you are in az...and lets hope you have another show soon..and i hope to get a copy of the magazine...

definately bro! you and the guys will be first on my list! in fact, I'd like to write about you guys..I'll contact you a bit furter on.