FREE MONEY 2nite: TUF Show Contest

UFC Reality Show Contest: Free $

With all the speculation about who is returning to the show tonight,I have decided to give away some FREE Betting accounts to the TUF Reality show fans. Here's how it works.

*You MUST open a FREE account at or already have an account number. Then email me the fighter that is COMING BACK to the show BEFORE 7:55pm Pst 10:55pm Est Monday night.

*Be SURE to include your name and BetOddessa ACCOUNT NUMBER AND the fighter you think is coming back to the TUF show.

Winners money will be placed in your BetOddessa accounts after all emails are sorted through the following day. Regular BetOddessa bonus restrictions apply as listed on the site.

Send emails to Subject: UFC

Thanks and good luck.



The episode is Monday, not tonight.

How much is the bonus?

Minimum of $25 Betting Accounts accounts will be given out. Possibilty of more money depending on the responses and the amount of winners. $25 Betting account guaranteed prize to winners.

edited....entries must be received BEFORE show airs

i think that might be a bad idea for you, go look around for spoilers on the TUF forum

maybe they're wrong, but i wouldn't take that chance if i were you

sorry to ruin it for those of you who wanted to potentially rip somebody off

Is our account number our login (pin number) or something else?

'Is our account number our login (pin number) or something else'

Log in and account # are same thing. Good luck.

Power Paw- I know its a losing proposition for me, but in the big picture, its a positive for the BetOddessa company. It also gives you guys something else to route for and another reason watch the show.

I enjoy running different conests and things online, but with the spacing out of the MMA events, its often difficult to have regular give aways.

I am also HUGE fan of NCAA wrestling. I am trying to come up with a way to have a contest for the March 19th Division I Championships. We recently started 'Point Spread' boxing and are considering 'Point Spreads for the Team Placements in this years NCAA tourney as well as the Finals matchups. If you guys have any suggestioins, feel free to postem here or email me.

Thanks for the continued support.


alright, that's cool then, i just wasn't sure if u were fully aware of the situation

good luck then


Couple of questions: what is Promo ID,IVR Password, Phone/Internet Password and why isnt listed as a source?

Pretty good response. Alot of TUF fans here. My 'Inbox' is filling up. ;)

I hope it's the canuck!

'Couple of questions: what is Promo ID,IVR Password, Phone/Internet Password and why isnt listed as a source?' isnt listed as a source because they never asked to be. I would certainly add them as an affiliate if they were interested.

Promo ID is so we can track where you heard about the promotion you are signing up for so you would get the correct promo for that week, month or whatever.

IVR Password is the password you want to use if you enter teh 'automated lines' system. You would enter that code and get a computerized rundown of the betting lines.

Phone/Internet Pasword is your pssword you enter to get into the site and when wagering by phone after you tell the clerk your account number.

The majority of the sources are there so we can tell what kind of response comes from MMA. It helps me gauge where to give sponsorship money and so on.

'I hope it's the canuck'

No 2. :)

cool idea

so you give us $25 in our account to bet on who we think will come back to TUF....and if we win can we cash out the 25 dollars?

its already photographicly proven to be leben

awesome!!!! now anybody who knows who comes back spill the beans :) i think its leben too but the producers maybe just teasing us and it could be thacker


I don't have my account number.  My email has changed since then...

My new email is

could u send me my info please?


Let it go GB, just let it go. :)

Not suprisingly, I have a bunch of entries w/ many different picks. I even offered this on a bunch of wagering sites outside MMA forums as well. Should help generate some interest in the show.

Leben seems to be the popular choice among viewers. I can see this costin me about 5k+............. ;)

Arias, you have mail. Good luck.