Free motivational speech from pro fighter (vid)

 First a little kickboxing, followed by an awesome motivational speech from pro fighter David Cardamone.

By the way, David was a title holder in the same org where OMA held his championship (of the world).


 Here's another fine video by the same gentleman (unrelated to fighting).

LOL. David is 100% batshit crazy. Phone Post

WTF is wrong with that guy!?

If I were that mattress I'd file charges. Phone Post


The fuck is this Phone Post


His official fight record:

^^^that's far from his complete record. I believe retardamone has actually had somewhere around 30 fights. Phone Post

I'd buy him a beer (through a U.S. postal carrier)

whoa, watching that was like watchin salad fingers.

too much weird too soon

Would it surprise anyone to know that this guy has actually received extensive training from none other than OMA?

Oh, and he learned some fighting techniques from him too.


One more reason I need to move to Tulsa

David posts here on the OKUG under the sn PussyGaloreFightTeam. And Anthony, I'd ask you to display some of his art here but I fear it is likely more suited to the TapouT forum. Phone Post

The Marvelous One - WTF is wrong with that guy!?


is he fucking deaf or something??


The Marvelous One - is he fucking deaf or something??

 Yes, he has a soft deaf head, but more importantly he is completely insane.