Free Muaythai T-shirt Give-Away Contest #2

Tagless design for ultimate comfort. Size is printed on inside of shirt (yellow on burgundy)

This is our secoond UG t-shirt give-away contest.

Give us your best reason why you deserve this T-shirt

The most outrageous, funniest response wins!

Contest ends November 2nd, 2008. Winner will be picked at 10:00pm.

United States Only

no problem :)

Thank you^ :)


Damn, I wasn't bothered by your comment until I scrolled down and seen the picture :( lol

Ryan MacLeod -  I will kill one baby seal for every hour I am not awarded this t-shirt after the November 2nd deadline.

 i will see your baby seal, and raise you one dead headgehog...

I just got fired from my job as a clown at kids birthday party, then got robbed on my way home and they stole my shirt.

If i don't win this shirt, i'll have nothing left to live for.

Give a shirt, save a clown.

I just turned 30..... I have a baby on the way......that T shirt is my only hope at recapturing my youth.
PS....If it turns out the kid isn't mine I would be willing trade one newborn for the shirt...size XL.

if i even started telling you the details of my current life you would weep. weep like child who is alone in the wrong part of a big city @ 3 am. all that fear, desperation, primal terror..... i just can't do it to you. NO shirt is worth that. i still have SOME humanity left, i just try not to show it out here on the mean streets, they can smell weakness.

maybe i'll make up something less tragic and post it, if i don't get murdered in my shirtless sleep.

i'm so cold, so scared

gotta go now, from the library window i can see someone messin with my cart. i need those cans dammit, BRB!


cool shirt design, keep up the good work.

Another Night

The clown is waiting....

While the other guys are killing seals and hedgehogs I'll be killing kittens. Lots and lots of kittens.(bluenamer plz)

...and I need the T-shirt to clean up after

Do you only ship in America? Really like the vintage black t-shirt on your site, but I'm in Scotland.

If you send me the shirt, I'll post topless photos of my wife and her D's.

steve63 - Do you only ship in America? Really like the vintage black t-shirt on your site, but I'm in Scotland.

We can get it out to you. PM me with your address and I will give you a shipping rate. Thanks

I will drop boner uppercuts while slam dunking ovaries while wearing that shirt.

 These people are horrible at funny.

I have been searching everywhere for a tshirt with a picture of a boxer reverse cowgirling a flower. You have to give it to me.

Jason Guida is my hero and role model.

There is nothing more pathetic.