Free NYT and WaPo articles forever...

After you have read your 3 articles a month everything else is behind a paywall. Try this and you won't ever have to pay a subscription again. This works on pretty much all sites that have this type of paywall like Forbes and so on.

Load the article you want and there is a brief moment where the page loads fully and then the popup comes up that blocks you from continue reading. In that moment hit the "Stop" button on your browser navigation panel or hit "s" on your keyboard before the popup loads. You can look at your navaigation panel and the first oppertunity you have to hit the "X" to stop the page from loading, do so. This will prevent their popup from loading and you can view the article with no problem. 


I like this. Will try and report back what garbage I've been able to read that otherwise wouldn't have raised my BP. 


Who reads that trash anyway?

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Who reads that trash anyway?

I do sometimes. If you don't read the news your uninformed. If you do read the news your misinformed.