Free online Poker = Good or Bad ?

I starting playing TH about 6-7 months ago. I had seen the TV shows and picked up a few things. I then started to play at a friends house and won the first night. I then went on to come in the top 3 almost every game. During this time I read a few books by Sklanski and felt I was becomeing a pretty solid player. Even guys that had been playing for a few years said I played very well.

Now I had gotten my winnings to about $200 ( we play mostly $5 buy in tourneys @ friends) all from that 1st $5. I enterd into a Foxwoods $150 buy in tourney and placed 34th( approx) out of 238 players in with about 4 months exp.( I felt good about it)

Since then Ive taken up free on line poker just to get practice and waste time. I have not won a game since!! Went to a casino and busted out in 30min , friends house Im out 5-8 (out of 10guys). This other friend I play heads up I was beating him like 85% to 90% of the time for like 4 months. Now the last 3 weeks I think I have won 3 out of 30 games.

I have totally stopped playing online and have even slowed down with  home games Im hoping not playing as much will prehaps help to lose some of my new found bad habits.


Was I just "lucky" before or does my online , losing correlation seems correct??

Well I play free online most of the time. What I would say is that you are taking some of the bad habits, then it is a bad thing. People play WAY more loose in free games. People will call all ins with Ace ANYTHING most of the time.

I play like I would play at a regular game. If you are getting out of your comfort zone, that may be a problem. I see 30% of the flops usually. More times than not, that is roughly what I average on the free games as well.

I normally was a pretty tight player and played the same in free online games as well. But slowly I found myself opening up to "have fun" and see if I can win big online. I then found myself loseing more and more in RL games

Im chasing straights , flushes like a big jackass.

looks like beginners luck

I just won both games I playing in tonight.



Mfah, have you ever had a partypoker account for real money games?

No i have yet to play RM online yet.

I will tell you what. Since you seem like a knowledgable guy, let me stake you. Go to partypoker, make a new account and use the sign up code, Lowstakes. Make sure you put lowstakes in the signup bonus code or I can not send you money. Validate your email address from partypoker. Fill out the Deposit form with your real information.

Send me your first and last name, with your partypoker screen name and I will send you $50 with a $25 bonus after 125 raked hands, then you can do with the money however you wish.

My email adress is once you have made the account.

And for those thinking this is the scam, Partypoker actually pays you $65 for signing people up, so I give away $50 and keep $15. After mfah completes his hands, I will give someone else $50 and keep giving the money around the pokerground.