FREE online rpg

It's not as good as mmorpgs that you pay for but IT"S FREE. and supposedly it'll remain free forever.. so says a developer of the game in an interview somewhere..

Anyway, give it a try, it plays like diablo. It gets repetitive FAST because of the lack of skills and spells and char. customization, BUT there are some things that I really like about this game. for one, you can go into a "training ground" and just leave your computer on for days at a time and your character will keep gaining experience (albeit slowly).. you can open up two games at a time for risk-free trading and shit. the game ENCOURAGES powerleveling....

the game doesn't have the professional touch of pay2play games, but it's still kinda fun and most importantly it's FREE. I'm not even playing it right now, I just left it on in the background and my archer is gaining exp. it seems to take up very little bandwidth considering tatht i'm surfing the internet with no lag while DLing a movie file at 80kb/s.

Do you know of any other places to download this game other than the links provided? I can't seem to get anything more than 3k/sec and that's going to take 3 days to get.

dude, don't play this game it sucks ass. i stopped after i got to about level 30 or so.. this game is probably the worst mmorpg i've ever played.

Illumia is good but it hasn't been updated in years...