free pride bushido on fox sunday!!

completely free!!! check the times on pride is definitely trying to gain the us market now. very smart move!! cant wait!!!

Awesome move by Pride FC

"completely free!!!"

Except for the commercials, the edited fights and the fights cut entirely from the broadcast.

If you have friend in Japan talk to them instead.

Is it going to be the first round or second round shown? says it's the first round

It's the first round. says it's the premier of the second round nationwide at 7pm. So I'm gonna take Pride's word over TvGuide

The first round already happened a few months ago. Surely it's the second round?

Anyhow, a lot of regions are getting the show until Tuesday, for whatever reason. In the DC area, we're getting it on Comcast Sports Net on Tues at 4pm. My girlfriend in Austin, TX is getting it on Tues at 5pm on Fox Sports Southwest.

Okay? This is pretty old news guys... Check the website - second round and it airs nation wide a 7pm.

i cant wait for this!

"it airs nation wide a 7pm."

Not really nationwide - lots of places are delayed until Tuesday for some reason.

All is right in the world...Shangri-La has been achieved...

Wipes tear of joy from eye

Already have the DVR set :)

Canada gets screwed once again. Good thing we have the internet for streaming video.

I expect they will air the four tournament fights plus one or two other fights. What do you guys think? has it listed for sunday night. my cable is comcast.

Cant wait for this. KANG!!!

Talk about a case of tomato cans.

Looks like that shit should be aired in Japan not the US.

Lets see some HW fighters.

commercials say 29th for Houston area

"Talk about a case of tomato cans."

Have you seen the fighters in the tournament???

-Dan Henderson vs. Kazuo Misaki
-Paulo Filho vs. Ryo Chonan
-Denis Kang vs. Amar Suloev
-Akihiro Gono vs. Gegard Mousasi